Monday, 15 January 2018

Dinosaur Hunt Topic Launch

Both Reception classes went on a wet and muddy 'hunt' this soon became apparent we were following big footprints. "Was it a big cat?" "NO", "Was it an elephant?" "NO", "Was it a dinosaur footprint?" "YEESSS", and off we went following the trail of prints around the school leading to the Forest School area.
So what were we looking for? Clues to show us where the dinosaurs had been...eggs, artefacts, fossils, bones, pictures, dinosaurs etc..
The children had great fun looking, hunting, screaming, running about excitedly. Some of them 'saw' dinosaurs, 'heard' dinosaurs and finally we found an "ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC" dinosaur egg which we carefully brought back to class. Now we need to look after it by "making a nest", "keeping it safe and warm". Lets explore dinosaurs!

1 comment:

  1. wow-What an exciting morning YR had. I didn't like the look of those footprints. I wonder what has happened to what was in the ENORMOUS egg?