Thursday, 7 July 2022

Run, run as fast as you can

 Reception Sports Day!

This week, we had so much fun going to King Edward's School for our sports day!

We worked together in our colour groups to compete with each each!

The teams are:

Blue - Team Rosa

Yellow - Team Farah

Red - Team Malala

Green - Team Attenborough

It was lovely to see all of the parents come and watch us! Some even got involved at the end and raced with each other!

We had all sorts of races! 

- beans and a bat race

- hurdles

- quoits/ cones balancing on our heads

- changing clothes race

- sprinting

- adults racing

Thank you to all of the parents and carers that came! The children loved their sports day and are looking forward to next year!

RR 2022

RS 2022

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Reception goes to Mount Pleasant Farm!

The wheels on the bus went round and round...all the way to the farm!

Our topic this term is 'On the farm'. We were very lucky to be able to go to Mount Pleasant Farm and see all the animals that we have been learning about. We asked so many different types of questions and we even had the chance to feed the animals ourselves!

Have a look at our pictures below!

Thursday, 7 April 2022

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!

This term, our topic is all about 'Potions'. We've all mastered our witch and wizardry powers, spells, and potion making skills! 

We've looked at a range of books to help us with our learning journey. Have a look below!

In our first week, we had a look at rhyming spells. We especially learnt a spell to make us super smart! Why don't you have a go below?

'Whirling, swirling, twirling too,
Make me smart with a bibbly boo!"

The fun didn't stop there! We then made magic potion bottles to turn us into spiderman, a ghost, a blueberry, and even a princess! It took us a long time to get these ingredients and we had to be very careful getting them without being caught! shhhhhh! Don't let anyone know we have them or else we can't make anymore!!😓

If you try mixing dragon scales, spiders, phoenix feathers, and add teaspoon of diamonds, you'll have made a potion to become a shiny, flying spiderman superhero! We've tried and tested it and it definitely works!

On top of that, to complete our witch and wizard look, we made our own magical wands! This really helped us to create the most fantastic spells! Check it out below and see our spells and maybe you can make one too!

"Bibbly, bobbly, boo, fairy dust, pumpkins, and bats. Turn me into a spider. Put webs on someone and make a cobweb. Put everyone in it and they will be stuck!"

"Hocus pocus! Get me a unicorn!" or even "Abracadabra! Make me into a beautiful princess! 

We have had a lot of fun this term and we let our imagination go wild! Below is our working wall which shows all the work we've done! 

Friday, 17 December 2021

Our First Term in Reception!!!

We've had a term full of fun here in Reception and have made such wonderful friends! 

Throughout this term we learnt all about different celebrations such as Diwali, Birthdays, Christmas etc. We have also made such fun things that we've taken home such as diva lamps, cupcakes, Christmas cards and calendars and so much more!!!

We've been practicing to improve our drawing every week! Have a look at our snowman!

We rode on bikes and scooters and made our own obstacle course as a team and helped each other go over, under and around till we all reached the end!

During our Christmas weeks at Welford, we watched our very first Pantomime, 'The Snow Queen' which was full of laughter and giggles! As you may have guessed, we've all been good, and so Santa came to visit us!

We hope you enjoyed watching our Nativity Scenes which is on the school website! We even got the chance to experience it ourselves through 'Now, Press, Play' and enjoyed being characters in the Nativity.

Have a look at our Christmas party pictures!

It's been an amazing term here in Reception and we can't wait to learn all about dinosaurs when we come back in January!

Have a lovely break and we shall see you again soon!!

Best wishes, 

Reception Team

Thursday, 23 September 2021

Reception First Few Weeks

 First Few Weeks in Reception

The children in Reception are slowly settling in well and are learning the routines and expectations. The staff are pleased with their daily progress and are building positive relationships with them.

The children are choosing a range of activities both inside and outside eg construction play, mark making, sand, water, number work, reading, painting, small world play, playing hide and seek, role play kitchen and fine or gross motor activities.

They are learning about the School Rules - The 3 Rs

Respect - respecting each other and the adults eg sharing and saying please and thank you etc..

Ready - showing that you're ready to learn eg listening, sitting sensibly, holding a pencil properly etc..

Responsible - for your belongings (coat, bag, bottle), helping to tidy up, eating your dinner etc..

The majority of children are enjoying their varied meals and menus are available outside the classrooms. 

And their favourite part of the day is story time then home time!!

Pictures pending - awaiting updated consent list. Can't wait to share with you!

Reception staff.😀

Wednesday, 9 June 2021


Miss Colling wood kindly gave the whole school some sunflowers seeds to plant. 

In May we planted them with some soil, water and added some magic sprinkles and sun.

In June, after half term we were amazed by how much they had grown, helped by Mr Reid's son who had been watering them,  so we measured them...

Which group's sunflower is the tallest???

Thursday, 27 May 2021


We have been learning about witches and wizards and all things magical this half term.

Our first book was the rhyming Room on the Broom when the witch kept dropping things and gaining new friends for her broom. In the end she designed a new broomstick, and the children also invented their own ideas to add to a broomstick. We asked Who? Where? and What? questions, answering in sentences.

We re-enacted the story and made our own wands and witches hats and loved the part where we fell off the broken broomstick and frightened the dragon away. We made up our own rhyming spells. The children loved making magical potions with various horrible ingredients and counting how many items went into the mixture.

Then we read online The Magical Muddle where Tabitha and friends kept getting The Brainbox Spell wrong by putting the wrong initial sound in e.g. Ribbly Roo, Dibbly Doo, Wibbly Woo, Hibbly Hoo..

Swirling,twirling,whirling too. Make me smart with a Bibbly Boo

This led to some writing with a focus on initial and other sounds in words. We also ordered magical items by size. We asked Who? Where? and What? questions, answering in sentences.

Our next focus was on Winnie the Witch stories. We described a picture from Winnie Under The Sea using our phonic skills to write words and sentences. The children also used ribbons and percussion instruments to create a magical dance with some incredibly inventive moves. We asked Who? Where? and What? questions, answering in sentences. After reading Winnie and the Big Bad Robot we learned 2/3D shape names and some properties.

This topic has really captured the children’s’ imagination which they were able to demonstrate this in The Potions Shop buying, selling and creating ingredients for magic potions. Also we have learned several Magic Spell Words e.g. abracadabra, alakazam, shazam, bibiddi-bobiddi-boo, hocus-pocus and the real challenge


Then to cap it all we got a MAGIC sunflower seed from Magic Ms Collingwood and added some magic glitter, soil, water and sun … and waited … the shoot popped up … to see growth and change happening before our eyes.

In PE we’ve had Magic Dan the Tennis Man teaching us lots of hand to eye coordination activities with balls, cones and racquets.

“I love magic” “Winnie is funny” “Tabitha changed into a cat” “we played a rhyming game” “I like tennis” "I learned a magic dance" "my potion turned Ms Subb into a frog" "my wand has a feather on top" "Mr Reid has a magic thumb"